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The Only Self-Healing Recovery Program To Stop Attracting Toxic Relationships For Good!


  • Understand Why No Contact Isn't Enough and Learn What Else is Required

  • Acquire Life-changing Insight and Dynamic Tools to Heal and Recover Now

  • Enjoy Self-paced Learning with Direct Access to Clarity, Questions, and Guidance

  • A Private and Interactive Group to Connect with Others Healing from Toxic Relationships

  • Break the Cycle That Keeps You Mentally Trapped, Even After the Relationship Ends

  • Unearth Hidden Gifts to Reclaim Your Power and Take Control of Your Life

  • Display of Toxic Relationship Program

    Discover the true reason for attracting toxic relationships that no other program shares. Learn powerful tools, which when implemented are guaranteed to help you heal, recover, and take control of your life back after going through a toxic relationship. 

    In this self-guided program, gain a deeper understanding of narcissistic behaviors and other mental health syndromes from the perspective of healing the wounded child within, so you can finally attract the healthy, safe, and nourishing connections you desire.

    Your Expert Facilitator

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    Jenine is the co-founder, creator, and a leading expert in the field of personal development, dedicated to freeing others and helping them awaken their unique gifts to step into their authentic selves. With her groundbreaking approach, Jenine's method focuses on healing the wounded child, allowing individuals to reconnect with their child essence, where all solutions reside.

    As an acclaimed and internationally recognized figure, Jenine's methods has been proven to be life-changing for countless individuals, with her contributions to the field being recognized through numerous awards, best-selling publications, and global training programs for clients and practitioners alike.

    A skillful subconscious facilitator and world-renowned Inner-child specialist, Jenine's deep understanding of the human psyche has helped transform the lives of individuals from all walks of life. Her method of releasing original wounds has brought light and hope to many who had previously struggled with mental and emotional trauma while tapping into their true potential and find a path to a brighter, more fulfilling future.

    3 Ways To Heal, End Toxic Bonds, and Empower Yourself Now, Below

    Whether it's our self-guided program with community support or our VIP experience for exponential healing, start attracting healthy, loving, and nurturing relationships with yourself and others with this limited-time bonus offer, which expires when the clock completes.

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    pay in full 

    Unlimited access and direct community support to our 'The Secret to Recovering from Toxic Relationships' program, by way of a password-protected virtual platform, so you can heal in your time, and receive the greatest savings.

    Pricing Monthly


    Don't let finances prevent you from healing, when you can spread out your investment and receive the same unlimited viewing access and community interactions with the freedom to partake in the program at your own pace.

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