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It's time to Stop  being Influenced, Persuaded, Taken Advantage of, or have others Gaslighting your Reality


 If you are one of the many challenged with a narcissistic relationship, struggling to see past being manipulated, or you wish to shield against attempts to exploit you, it's time to grasp what you can do to protect yourself and rewrite your story

  • Freedom from Toxic, Manipulative, and Mentally Corrupt Conversations

  • Notice Mind Control and Brain Washing in the Moment

  • Quickly and Confidently Discern Who NOT to Trust  

  • Reclaim Energy from Previous Encounters and Relationships

  • Establish Healthy, Purposeful, and Unequivocal Boundaries

  • Does Not Teach How to Manipulate, but rather, to Prevent It

  • Defend  Against Schemes that Modify Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Opinions

    Welcome. It’s good to see you.

    Since you’re here, I trust you grasp the importance of learning about manipulation, forced-influence, and brain-washing, especially when it relates to someone personally changing your thoughts and actions.

    Now, unless you’ve already encountered mind control or thoughts being altered for someone else's gain, it’s often too hard to fathom how susceptible we are and how easily one can persuade your decisions. Yet, as my video details, through this never before, unique arrangement of previously hidden principles , you’ll quickly realize the shockingly eye-opening truth of what’s possible, what may be taking place, and where you might have been influenced in the past. 

    So, if you wish to be free of being manipulated or misled, allow me to guide you into the realms of the subconscious and share four secrets to expose the methods exploited by others, as well as clearly gift you the ability to simply identify and easily defend against whatever lucks in the shadows of your life.

    I hope it goes without saying it's time to join this very special journey while it's here and claim your power so you can ensure you remain in control of your own thoughts and make your own choices at all times.

    I'm honored to offer the support.

    Designed to Free Yourself   from Mental Attacks

    We know the value alongside what results when you gain this insight, so we took extra particular care to ensure it was facilitated for all learning styles and maximum retention. In short, you're set on a course to fully embody the Secrets of the Subconscious Ninja™

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    Your subconscious loves speed, repetition, and efficiency, so that's why you have unlimited access at your fingertips through our online video portal to absorb, apply, and master at your own pace

    examples & Exercises

    With potent teaching methods and your learning style perfectly in mind, experience a well-paced, highly productive, teaching interaction, complete with real-life stories, activities, visual support, and more

    Our Secret Community

    Another subconscious success is obtained through a balanced, like-minded community, so what better way than with access to our private-member online network, for clarity and connection along the way

    Sit Back, Relax, And Listen 

    to a few sample recordings

    Conscious Mind

    Chime in midway on an aspect of the mind that protects you while we introduce how influencers will bypass it

    Layers of the Mind

    Listen to the culmination of third lesson, as I preview the topic of convincers as for an upcoming methods of manipulation

    Powerful Secrets in Bite-Sized Viewing

    Comprised of nearly four hours of eye-opening content, gain a strong advantage through this transformative voyage as you grasp the inner workings of your mind, the nature of reality, and where all manipulation resides

  • Lesson 1 

  • We begin as all should, providing a clear premise, introductions and motivations, while offering key insights for a fantastic experience together.

  • Lesson 2  

  • Here we introduce the Subconscious Ninja, ‘4 Secrets’, and provide a direct path to easily and effortlessly grasp the information.

  • Lesson 3  

  • It's time to dive into the origins of manipulation, the hidden areas of the mind, and explore various layers of perception that create your world.

  • Lesson 4 

  • Expanding on your foundation, we now expose the reason manipulation occurs and how one can easily succumb to influence and persuasion.

  • Lesson 5  

  • Open up to the potency of attention and the ultimate desire to command it. Then expand into five methods used to manipulate your experience.

  • Lesson 6  

  • We begin a two-part series, discussing how thoughts are altered with ease, the quest of manipulators, and eight traps to bring into awareness.

  • Lesson 7 

  • Completing the series, we continue into the mastery of hidden language, and dive into its use to influence your thoughts and actions.

  • Lesson 8  

  • We begin the first of four principles, to discuss the currency of your commitment and the various approaches to gain it covertly.

  • Lesson 9

  • Here you learn of a highly influential, primal desire that we all must encounter, including tactics used to gain your advantage.

  • Lesson 10 

  • An eye-opening conversation allows us to explore one of the most covertly used methods to establish dominance through interactions.

  • Lesson 11  

  • In our final principle, we discuss trickery used to gain favor as well as the secretive unconscious connections that result.

  • Lesson 12

  • Bridging it together, we culminate with a deep universal truth that allows you to reclaim your power and remain the owner of your mind.

    Hi! I'll be your guide

    An internationally board-certified trainer and acclaimed master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Carl is a master hypnotherapist, accredited astro-psychologist, and celebrated transformational coach, who commands a diverse range of modalities that ignite the human spirit.  

    With a passion to unlock human potential, he works in the sphere of the '3 playgrounds of the unconscious™, utilizing astrological axioms, universal laws, and the language of the subconscious, to release original wounds and awaken your best life.

    Through perspectives, paralleled with powerful tools and techniques, Carl advises on how to purposefully influence interactions, experiences, and aspirations, while sharing a behind-the-scenes look into the secret principles to master your own story. 

    The  BONUS  Collection that Invites a Deeper Strength

    Over $4,726. 14 of valued info and perks

    It's absolutely incredible to gain a potent defense from mental control, yet equally realize that it's that much more amazing when you build a healthy foundation for your most empowered self.

    So, allow us to extend an invitation to you to stand fully in your power, through receiving two diversely transformative programs in  ONE SPECIAL PACKAGE.

    Alongside 'Secrets of a Subconscious Ninja', give yourself permission to Ignite Your Inner Spark™ with this collection of BONUS programs, specifically integrated to enhance your energetic capacity and offer a path to clearly owning your future moments. 

    By now, I hope you know that you deserve it

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    Empowerment Bonus Bundle


    Secrets of a Subconscious Ninja™

    Uncover the hidden secrets of mental manipulation in this eye-opening digital course, and explore four universal laws of the subconscious to easily recognize and dismantle attempts to influence what you believe to be true.

    $497 Retail

    Digital Course


    Ignite Your Inner Spark™

    Challenge yourself to awaken to your purpose as you’re guided through 5-days of empowering stories, practical wisdom, and a progressive arrangement of conscious-shifting interactive exercises and activities to initiate a connection with your Sacred You™

    $397 Retail

    Digital Course 


    Guided Visualization Bundle

    Extracted from the Ignite your Inner Spark™ Challenge, gain direct access to the complete five-recording journey as you amplify your remembrance of a deep truth and reconnect to your most authentic self, all while you release memories, heal from the past, and free up subconscious energies

    $295 Retail

    Audio Program

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